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Celebrating 20 years in fitness! 

Yep that’s right this summer marks 20 years that I have been doing personal training! Its been my honor to support people in getting in shape and feeling great! So in celebration of this milestone

I am offering some amazing deals for the summer.

A 3 session intro pack for only 200$ and 

a 5 session package for only 375$

Call now to set up a free consultation 831-247-6064

 All personal training sessions are held at Toadal Fitness in Santa Cruz at the westside gym



I love making working out fun!:) Lets do this !

Vinbata has arrived


A combination of HIIT High intensity training and Vinyasa Yoga.

This class is a wonderful mix of intensity and calming of the mind and body, all packed into one hour!


"I don’t have the patience for an hour of yoga and I can’t handle an hour of cardio so Rocky’s Vinbata class is perfect. High intensity intervals with vinyasa yoga – great concept, great class. Kicks your butt! As she does in all her TRX classes, Rocky brings positive energy & enthusiasm to VinBata! 

You’ve gotta come to this class!" - Clare

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Breaking news!!

I have super exciting news to share with you all! This is something that has been in the 

making for many months and is finally ready! I have created a new unique amazing fitness 

class called "Vinbata" (TM) ! It  combines HITT and Yoga for an amazingly balanced mixx 

of high intensity heart pumping exercise,with a nice mello warm down yoga flow. The 

unveiling of my first class will be this Saturday at FLEX Circuit Gym on piedmont ave. at 

12 pm. This is a free class Saturday event! I will be teaching my regular Vinbata class starting

 Monday May 5th at 8 am at Flex. I hope to see you all there this Saturday! And also check out the line up of other free class's at Flex..

Coming soon

Coming Soon!

The unveiling of Rocky’s new fitness class - a blend of high intensity and slowing down to connect with your body, creating equanimity.


I was recently profiled in the blog SweatGuru, here’s a snippet:


I showed up bright and early on Thursday morning to a studio in Oakland, CA. Unsure of what to expect (and a little sleepy from lack of coffee), I was instantly struck by how friendly and welcoming Rocky is. She immediately put me at ease as I prepared for the session. After a chat about my background and a quick warm-up, we dove right into a series of circuits. We started off with some TRX suspension training. I was slightly intimidated by the contraption at first, but Rocky alleviated all of my fears, taking me step by step through the exercises.

  Read more here.

Getting all roped up (originally posted

 As part of my resolution to be a fitness flirt, I decided to give a TRX class a try at Flying Yoga in Oakland. I waffled a little before trying the class, mainly because I was a little intimidated by everything I’d heard about TRX and how hard-core it was. Once I reminded myself of my fitness mantras, though, I was able to get myself to the studio.

 Rocky, the exuberant and oh-so-fit instructor, made the newbies feel instantly welcome and at home, and quickly demystified all the ropes dangling from the ceiling. It wasn’t long before I felt comfortable adjusting the length of the straps–though it may take a little longer to feel at ease in a suspended plank!

By the end of class, I was hooked. The TRX is pretty cool; I like how it works out your entire body. (So efficient. More bang for your exercise buck!) I also like that you can easily modify difficulty based on what angle your body is at, and I like that you’re basically just using your body weight to train yourself. As Rocky said, you’re in plank position for the entire class. Laziness is just not an option!

Honestly, though, my favorite part of the class is Rocky herself. As with most things, it’s the instructor’s personality that will get me to come back, and keep coming back. Rocky is really high energy and friendly, but she’s no pushover. She’ll kick your butt six ways to Sunday in just an hour. Best of all, when her students aren’t using the TRXs, she leaps around, spins upside down and does other incredible, acrobatic tricks on the ropes. It’s the perfect distraction from the pain of an endless series of burpees or mountain climbers.

There's nothing like acrobatics to distract you from the pain in your legs! Bonus: check out the pink shoelaces 

Best yet, Rocky’s not just a buff TRX instructor. She’s a holistic life coach at Imagine Bliss, and is all about building community. She makes everyone feel immediately welcome, and invites her students to happy hours and other fun things.

It’s official. I’m hooked. And my sore muscles are thanking me for it!

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