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Meet Rocky

Rocky is a Health and Fitness Guru,and an extreme self care specialist. They help to unleash and ignite the Super-Hero within, connecting you to your divine life force energy. While working with Rocky, the balance of mind, body and spirit become energized, while at the same time grounded. It is likely you will find many hidden treasures inside you that you may not have known were within you all along…

Rocky Suzanne Patten, CEC, CPT, CMP, is a certified personal Trainer,Certified Life Coach,certified massage practitioner,and a certified yoga instructor.She also holds 2 TRX certifications. One as a TRX class instructor, and one in Sports Medicine which focuses on working with people with injury’s.

They have been in the health and fitness field for 20 years,and is very passionate about helping others with their fitness and life goals.As a Health and Wellness coach Rocky helps people create balance in all area’s of their life; the mental,physical,spiritual,financial,social,and the creative.They work with people to uncover their inner obstacles that might be preventing them to get into with their highest potential. Rocky’s foundational belief is that everyone can unleash the super hero within,connecting with their full potential and share their unique gifts with the world, and by doing this, creating an amazing life of their dreams.

Rocky graduated from IPEC, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, in 2007. With over 340 hours of course work, this program is the foundation for developing the nations top life coaches.She specializes in creativity coaching, health and wellness coaching, and spirituality coaching.As a life coach Rocky believes that all of her clients are naturally creative,resourceful, and whole,and have all the answers within them.

Rocky completed the University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology program in 2006. This two-year comprehensive, intensive process could be called a spiritual boot camp. Through course study and hands on learning, Rocky not only underwent a personal transformation, but now possesses the skills and tools to help others transform their lives.

In the spirit of mind – body connection, Rocky has been a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer for 20 years. They have worked with people from the ages of 12 – 81. They specializes inTRX, body sculpting, strength training, and weight loss.Their absolute love for the TRX shines threw in their training and class’s . To add to their wide range of diverse experience in fitness, they also performed in a Yoga Dance troupe in Santa Cruz, and attended the Circus School in San Francisco. Rocky holds NASM, IFPA, and AFAA ,and 2 TRX credentials for personal training.

Rocky’s background also includes 14 years of being a massage practitioner.

They earned a CMP from Twin Lakes School of Massage in Santa Cruz, CA Rocky specializes in Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massage.

In their spare time Rocky can be found doing vinyasa,yoga, acro yoga,mountain biking in the Santa Cruz trails,reveling in the outdoors,and often with their dog , Lucy. Rocky is a Santa Cruz, CA native and is presently living there now.