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Gratitude Walk/Run

The magnificence of nature can bring us closer to what we call Spirit,God,Great Creator.Just a 20 minute walk or jog can help clear our minds from the days troubles,stress’s and worry’s, and open our minds and our hearts to create new possibility’s and awaken our hearts desires. These walks will also help you focus your thinking and instigate breakthroughs.

Now to take it to the next make your walk/run a prayer ….of Gratitude. This can be such a powerful tool in bringing the spiritual into the physical. As you take each step onto this beautiful Mother Earth,say to your self or out loud everything that you are Grateful for in your life. From your family, your home, your dog,your friends …too your creativity, your huge heart, your feet, down to your toes.

And if you find that you have run out of things to be grateful for ( hard to imagine) you can then send the energy out the the trees, the plants,the sky, and the world. Imagining an energy field of Gratitude flowing out to the world. The energy you put out to the world will be felt and it will come back to you .

What are you Grateful for in your life? Who are you Grateful for in your life? And if you feel inclined ..let me know here on the site or Email me at [email protected] . I’d like to hear from you!

Live each day like a prayer and be thankful for all that

you have..