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Rocky Recommends

I’m am happy and excited to share with you all some of my current favorite books that have been inspiring me in this past year! So the book that I am currently reading and that is truly changing my life is…”The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. Something as simple as getting up just one hour earlier each day and taking that time for some extreme self care can totally change your day and your life! I highly recommend reading this book!

The last book I read before this one which I just can’t stop talking about!…Is Year of Yes! by the one and only..

Shonda Rhimes. Yep you got it..the creator of “Greys Anatomy,Scandal,How to get away with Murder,and The Practice.This woman is a Goddess! She is refreshingly funny,using words like “Badassary”,and is a true feminist,and humanist. She is commited to inclusivity especially in television. She believes all of us should be represented on tv.This book was so inspiring..a full year of saying yes to the things we most fear in life. A must read!

And yet another favorite of mine for 2016 is “Big Magic” by the one and only Elizabeth GilbertYep shes the author of the famous Eat Pray Love! This book is a juicy read about creative living beyond fear.I had the oppurtunity to see her in person in my home town of Santa Cruz California speaking about this book and she is wip smart and also has a refreshing sense of humor and she swears alot too:) Love her…Must read!

Yet another Hero of mine..Brene’ Brown, “The Gifts of Imperfection”.This woman is the Goddess of Vulnerability and how to be courageous,and have compassion for yourself in doing so. I love her deep honesty and commitment to her research which has brought such healing and love to all us perfectionists out there. 

And Yes you have heard me speak of provocative,divine spark,goddess “Sara Beak”. Well she’s written another uniquely spiritual fire starter book! 

This one is called “Red Hot and Holy” A heretics Love Story.

“If we’re willing to shed our skins,layer after layer of our truth appears anew and demands action. Aligning our ordinary life with our evolutionary divinity is a path of fire. You vurn. You grow. You burn. You grow. Constantly. The only stability is our trust in the process and  our intuitive awareness that Love’s very nature is to Consume and to Call us Home.”

“The Red Book” by Sera Beak

A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach To Igniting Your Divine Spark

“Every so often there comes our way a glorious chunk of life so utterly unique that even the jaded blink twice. The Red Book is just such a chunk, gloriously dropped out of the mind of Sera Beak as a special message for today’s contemporary woman in the language of just such a woman, placing before us the wisdom of the ages.  From gentle meditation to bouncing sexuality and much in between, the path to personal rejuvenation through the enlivening of the heart, mind and spirit is laid out in such refreshing, sparkling, effervescent words that what results is a psychic shower for the soul.  Get naked, get in, get wet. You’ll never feel as cleaned.” – Neale Donald Walsch, best-selling author, Conversations With God